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Michael Jackson - 30th Anniversary Celebration

Live at Madison Square Garden, New York City, 2001. september 7th.


The Jacksons (Michael, Jermaine, Marlon, Tito, Randy & Jackie Jackson)

01. Elizabeth Taylor Introduction
02. Can You Feel It
03. ABC
04. The Love You Save
05. I'll Be There
06. I Want You Back
07. Dancing Machine (with *NSYNC)
08. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

Michael Jackson

09. Chris Tucker Introduction
10. The Way You Make Me Feel
11. Black Or White (Michael Jackson and Slash)
12. Beat It (Michael Jackson and Slash)
13. Billie Jean
14. You Rock My World (Michael Jackson, Chris Tucker and Usher)
15.The Way You Make Me Feel (with Britney Spears)

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